Supports de cours
Images et multimédia [ fini ]
L3 Infocom, Univ. Paris 13
Méthodologie des nouveaux médias [ fini ]
LSM6, CFA, La Fonderie de l'image

Design and Interactivity [ fini ]
M2 3i, Univ. de Savoie
Graphisme Dynamique [ fini ]
M2 DIMI, Univ. Paris 13
Culture numérique [ fini ]
L2 Infocom, Univ. Paris 13
Art and Data Uses [ fini ]
M1 HC, Univ. de Savoie
Techniques Web [ fini ]
M1 MCDE, Univ. Paris 13
Techniques de conception et design [ fini ]
M2 THYP et LPro CDNL, Univ. Paris 8
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I am associate professor [Maître de conférences] at Univ. Paris 13 [Information and Communication Dept.]

I read, write, teach, code, do research on visual semiotics, hypermedia, media art, digital humanities, software studies.

I am co-responsible of Masters in Interface Design [with Pierre Barboza]

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Everardo Reyes-Garcia, Paris, 2014.

Recent activities

Poèmes Stein

an ongoing project about graphical rendering of generative poetry. In collaboration with Jean-Pierre Balpe and Sam Szoniecky.

Motion Structures

an ongoing project on converting video into 3D objects. Using a script I wrote for ImageJ.

Disrupting 3D Models

an experiment about breaking appart the geometry of a 3D digital model. An application made with Processing.


visualizing 2000 rock albums covers by color

La visualité de Nirvana

La visualité de Nirvana from Everardo Reyes Garcia

an exploration of the graphical production of alternative ban Nirvana. Visualizations made with ImageJ and Processing.

Messages vers le futur

a public installation where users send future messages to themselves through an digital wormhole.

377 covers of Thrasher Skateboard Magazine

a short video about the evolution of Thrasher Magazine covers.

studying 500+ Powell Peralta skateboard decks

a study on the graphic design history of skateboard decks produced by Powell Peralta.

Maya Fractal

a plug-in for Autodesk Maya to generate fractals and L-Systems